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real silicon doll


Obviously, if you are the type of person to buy one of these, in the first place, you probably do not want a real girlfriend in any case, but it certainly is a little ‘surprising how detailed these dolls are eerily human. The silicone used to create the dolls apparently gives them a feeling of very authentic skin and eyes are almost good enough to make them look like a real person.

It would seem that you can put the dolls freely, which is another advantage in making them as realistic as possible, since surely you will not be interacting with a real human being at any time, soon you actually buy one of these.

Twenty, thirty years ago, immature men where those who have had the posters with women beautiful naked body and good sex magazines. Or those who sought prostitutes who would give them a better sex, in much less time and with less fuss. I strongly support the idea, a form of natural selection males.

Solid Sex Doll Asilicone lovedollsre Becoming So Life-like
Solid sex doll are becoming so life-like, they’re almost human. Although if you tried talking to one I doubt you’ll get much of a response.
What is a solid sex doll?
Dolls have come a long way from those blow-up monstrosities that vaguely resembled a human being and are now fully flexible, adjustable, and eerily lifelike.
You’ve come a long way, baby.
Now the high-end dolls can set you back around $10,000, and you can customize everything.No really, everything.
Forget the plastic cone-shaped boobs of the doll’s novelty ancestors: You can choose what cup-size you want your doll to have, from the humble A cup to the not-so-modest ZZ cup.
Do they even make ZZ cups?
Who knows – maybe you could be the first to find out.
Of course, there is more to a woman than her boobs, even if that woman just happens to be a doll.
Got a thing for green eyes?
No problem.
Want hair that’s in between chestnut and strawberry blonde?
They’ve got you covered.
Fancy one with warts and all?
Yeah, that can probably be arranged.
The doll creation process. For some people solid sex doll  not just for pleasure (wink wink), they’re considered to be works of art. Some great painters would spend years perfecting their portraits to make them true to life, and arguably the same artistic process is applied to solid sex doll . A lot of work goes into producing skeleton of stainless steel and a skin of silicone with joints that can bend realistically, or not so realistically if you’re into that.Many of the moulds for dolls are made from real people’s faces and body parts which helps make them become more life-like and less doll-like. Then the finest details like individual eyelashes and toenails are added, a huge leap from the plastic gag-dolls of yesteryear. Fortunately you don’t have to wait years for this work of art to be finished.
The future of life-like dolls?
As scientists grow closer to developing artificial intelligence and solid sex doll  become more and more life-like, you can’t help but wonder when the two are going to overlap.
All that artificial intelligence is going to need a body and life-like dolls will be the best we’ve got to offer. You can’t just put artificial intelligence in a wind-up toy, that would be insulting.  The next step is working out the ethics of having sex with a robot, but I think we’ve got a bit of time until then. In the meantime just appreciate the fact that your Japanese doll can’t tell anyone your secrets.