The dolls are fragile?

As indicated by its name, the purpose of a hyper-realistic doll is as close as possible to reality: tactile contact, smoothness and softness of the skin, aesthetic on all parts of the body, the details of the hands, feet sex, joints . The hyper-realism is also able to place the doll in different positions maintaining a natural look. Each model is therefore equipped with a very elaborated articulated skeleton All these qualitative attributes impose precautions of use. The dolls that we propose are real works of art that deserve gentle handling …

The dolls are easily manipulated?

The doll is easy to position respecting the limits not to be crossed. These limits are clearly stated in the conditions of use provided with each doll. For example, as suits the silicone dolls, an opening too exaggerated legs could rip sex. The internal metal skeleton allows a huge number of places, but you should never overdo forcing on the joints, risking to break the shell of silicone. The weight of the dolls has been deliberately kept high to maintain the reality of the object, but requires, accordingly, an effort in handling.

What is the duration of your dolls?

The silicone used for our dolls is a matter that lasts, resists extreme temperatures and does not warp with time.However, certain basic rules must be respected to make the doll duration. It is impossible to give a precise time of life, since everything depends on the adroitness in handling.

The silicone used for your dolls is deformed with time?

The silicone used to fabricate our dolls has been perfectly studied to obtain a fairly flexible end result realistic articulation, without deforming with time. For example, the fingers of the hands are not likely to glue together if the doll is not manipulated during a certain time.The only precaution to take is to be careful not to leave the doll on a relief support, such as a chair cane, to avoid any mark on the legs or back.