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Adult Silicone Dolls Realistic Silicone Dolls-125cm Hester

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Product Description

Realistic Silicone dolls can keep yourself in the affair to meretakan wholeness or harmony in your family. so for those of you husbands who work or wander out of the city and outside the country with the use of tools of sex is that you the married man can engage in sexual activity singly and safely without having related intimate with another person or a woman peddler commercial sex very range with sex communicable diseases. The realistic silicone dolls are made to provide complete satisfaction to men. It is expected to fulfil a man’s sexual desires. Once you place the order for customised sex dolls, in a matter of few days it will be dropped off outside your doorstep. These sex dolls are made from high quality silicone and are crafted to look like real life women. They are available in a wide range of clothing from sexy secretaries to naughty nurses and many others. It is intended to fulfil sexual desires of the buyer and also comes with movable joints that could be placed at any position the buyer wishes. It is said that once you purchase the Japanese sex doll you will never want a real girlfriend again.

solid silicone dolls

Material : Silicone TPE
• Height : 125 cm
• Weight :  20 kg
• Oral sex
• Vaginal sex
• Anal sex
• Wig can be changed at any time
• Hair color customizable
• Eye color customizable



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