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Doll Silicone Real Sex Dolls-165cm Chris

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Product Description

real sex dollsReal sex dolls have a molded face, long blond hair, three love holes. The surface is formed of a material which resembles human skin – very pleasant to the touch, naturally warm and soft, pliable and exciting. A new market has emerged for customised Japanese sex dolls. Many companies have placed their foot in this new setup. It allows the customer to choose and design the shape and looks of the Japanese sex doll. All men have their own expectations of their dream girl. It takes much time to find the girl of your dream. The Japanese sex dolls are made so life like that they come with skin that feels real to touch and real looking eyes. You get to customize the Japanese sex doll according to your requirements. You can select the type of eyes, hair colour, breast size and everything else like in a normal woman’s body.

Height:165 cm
Neck circumference:33 cm
Upper Breast:78 cm
Under Bust Girth:57 cm
Arm Length:62 cm
Leg Length:82 cm
Waistline:53 cm
Hipline: 77 cm
Hand Girth:18.5 cm
Thigh Girth:42 cm
Calf Girth:27 cm
Foot Length:21 cm


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