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Japanese Silicone Doll Doll Silicon-158cm Elena

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Product Description

Japanese Silicone Doll with blond hair always gives his three holes, which you will try to satisfy. Virgo is life-size and has a wrinkled, stretched leg. With this position you can enjoy it in the back, or the hobby in classic position.

It is made of silicone so that you can take with Europe and water games. It is variable and is set in a sitting position. You can use two love holes – vaginal and anal. Love eggs that you find package, you can control the output of vibration in the vagina.Certainly you will enchant you with her long brown hair. You will feel as if you are really concerned. It has a lovely big tits with cute nipples. Solid sex doll is never tired, never headache. It is ideally made for satisfying only and exclusively yours and wildest desires. Beautiful face, long legs, natural size 1: 1 and readiness for sex with you at any time of day or night and in any place. Give her a moment,watching her beautiful bulges fill in your eyes, she has three tight holes. Do not let her disobedient to his master. Virgo is made from high quality and durable material. Observe her, she will return to satisfy whatever your eyes see.

japanese silicone dollHeight:158 cm
Net length(Heel to neck):140 cm
The waist:60.5 cm
Hip:86 cm
Under bust:6 8 cm
On the chest:85.5 cm
Shoulder width:36 cm
Thigh circumference:41 cm
Calf circumference:27.5 cm
Lower body (heel to waist):94 cm
Medial thigh length:76 cm
Calf length:43 cm
Arm length:66 cm
Palm length:16.5 cm
Foot length:21.5 cm



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